Hey Rocketeers! Any idea how many cats RocketNews24 has featured so far? To be absolutely honest, we have no idea either. We stopped trying to keep track a long time ago, but here’s one more to add to the list!

We’ve seen fat cats, mohawk cats, and even cats who are capable of taking selfies, but this is probably the cat with the most intense eyes we’ve ever seen! He always looks so energetic and robust with his large eyes and powerful gaze, it wouldn’t be surprising even if someone mistook him for a toy!

Lele here is a 10-month-old chinchilla cat. His owner adopted him after seeing a cat owner’s online notice about giving away a litter of newborn kittens, it was love at first sight.

▼ Baby Lele

▼ Lele now

▼ His sleeping posture is just too adorable!

▼ And that hasn’t changed even though he’s more grown up now.

Lele’s owner Xiao Ping says that Lele is extremely obedient. Not only does Lele see Xiao Ping off to work every day, he never attempts to get out of the house when she opens the door, always sitting primly at the entrance and watching as his owner leaves the house.

Many cat owners have probably had trouble with their cats scratching or damaging walls and furniture, but it seems that the ever-obedient Lele only sinks his claws into his special scratching board. In addition to that, Lele only took five days to master the art of taking commands such as “handshake”, “change of hand” and “sit”! What an intelligent kitty!



▼ Such intense eyes! We can almost feel our souls getting sucked into them…qp2ToKWekZ6Vp6c

▼ Kitty punch, perfected with a cute wink! Is this cat a professional model or what?qp2ToKWZkZ6Vp6Y


▼ I can see the treats in your hand!qp2ToZ_ZkZ6VqKo

▼ Meow! Gimme some!qp2ToZ_VkZ6VqKk

▼ Lele enjoying his brushing session.qp2ToZ6dkZ6VqKg



▼ Are you taking a photo of me, human?qp2ToZ6VkZ6VqKU

▼ Such concentration! There must be snacks up there…qp2ToZ6XkZ6VqKY

Xiao Ping says that she took Lele for a haircut one day and he came home in a foul mood, dashing about and causing a ruckus in the house. Annoyed, Xiao Ping said, “Lele, can you please be quiet?” and the little furry fella promptly stood up on his hind legs, standing still for more than 10 seconds, as if punishing himself for causing his owner distress.

▼ A cat that punishes itself for misbehaving? Too good to be true!

Adorable, intelligent, and most of all, amazingly obedient! We’re almost convinced that Lele is a cyborg cat, not a real one. What do you think? If it’s any help, here’s a short video of Lele to wrap up this post! Enjoy!

Source/Images: Zhaizhai News