2014.05.27 cat guitar copy

Between spending all day basking in the sun and playing in boxes, there’s no doubt that the life of a cat is pretty great. And a Japanese musician has reinforced this with a recent video he uploaded of his cat achieving what looks like feline nirvana. The owner, a Tokyo-based music teacher, seems to put his cat in a trance by playing the instrument on top of the cat. Click below to view the video of the cat who could serve as an anti-drug PSA, teaching the world that the best way to get high is through music.

Masaki Ichimura is a music teacher living in Tokyo who plays the guitar, ukelele and a variety of string instruments. He began to feature his cat on his YouTube channel after he noticed how playing the guitar makes the cat slip into a trance. The vibrations of the guitar against the cat sitting in his lap does something to his pet that you have to see to believe.

Although Japanese netizens couldn’t tell exactly what the cat was thinking, they knew that face was the face of unadulterated happiness. That is, until the music stopped and he was brought back from kitty heaven, appearing to ask his owner “why did you stop?!”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this happy cat’s trip to feline paradise via the smooth strumming of this Japanese guitar guru! And we would love to hear from any of you out there who have similar stories of the power of music on your pets!

Video: YouTube (Masaki Ichimura)
Featured Image: YouTube (Masaki Ichimura)
Source: Zaeega