With Attack on Titan collaborations springing up between burger jointsSUVs, and gummies, anything is possible.

The newest company to court the titans is razor company Schick, whose teaser website hints that something is coming June 9.


The poster reads, “The foundation of a new survey corp? How has Schick changed the relationship between humans and titans? What is the true goal of the titans? On June 9, this website will reveal the answer with an original movie.”

At the bottom, it mentions, “[Attack on Titan AR Titan Camera] Original frame presents start on June 11.”

Twitter user @KASUPI_zip also managed to spy this strange promo poster, with one veryhandsome and closely shaven titan, helped out by an eager troupe of razor-wielding soldiers.

The poster reads, “Vanquish that beard comfortably.”

Previously, Schick teamed up with Evangelion, showing an overly-enthused Gendo using the Hydro 5.


[Via Nijimen]

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