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Have you ever wondered what life as one of the “pretty guardians” in the hit manga/anime series Sailor Moon might be like? Well, the lovely Sailor Soldiers may be fictional creations, but toy maker Bandai is coming out with a line of delightful miniatures that give us a glimpse into their everyday lives. Yes, from the precious transformation pens to more mundane school items, objects from the Sailor Soldiers’ world will be recreated in miniature, and judging from the pictures, the miniatures are incredibly detailed, not to mention utterly adorable! 

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The line of miniatures, called the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal : The Daily lives of the Sailor Soldiers (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Senshi no Nichijo)”, are part of the “petit sample series”, which feature miniatures created in exquisite detail, down to the fine points like the texture of cream or golden-baked color on a dessert or the decorative designs on tableware.   

The “Daily Lives” series will come in eight different sets, each with a specific theme, but you won’t know which one you’re getting until you open the package.

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Here’s a summary of the eight sets which are pictured above:

1. The “Going to School with Usagi” set
This package contains items such as Usagi’s transformation pen and her school bag decorated with a small ribbon charm. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget a copy of Nakayoshi, the magazine Sailor Moon was originally serialized in, right? Luna the black guardian cat also looks charming as a tiny figure, striking an innocent-looking sitting pose.

2. The “Studying with Ami” set
This set of items belonging to the studious Ami (Sailor Mercury) includes thick textbooks, a pencil case, and of course, her transformation pen. The notebook and pencil case are decorated with Sailor Mercury motifs which should delight fans, and there are also cookies (presumably made during home economics class) that she can munch on while studying.

3.  The “Visiting Rei’s Shrine” set
This set contains items that make you feel like you’ve visited Hikawa Shrine where Rei (Sailor Mars) lives and works. There’s a hamaya charm in the shape of an arrow to ward off evil as well as a wooden ema plaque on which pilgrims can write their wishes and a goshuinscho, a notebook in which visitors to shrines and temples can get an official seal stamped at each location.  There’s also a tasty looking dumpling, which we guess symbolizes the snacks you can get at shrines. A student card for the T·A Academy for Girls Rei attends is also included.

4. The “Having Lunch with Mako-chan” set
This set is centered on Makoto (Sailor Jupiter), or Mako-chan, as Usagi calls her, and shows what Makoto’s lunch would look like. The main item is a cute home-made obento boxed lunch she might bring to school, complete with star-shaped rice balls and heart-shaped cooked eggs, as well as a sausage cut in the shape of an octopus that comes with a rose-shaped toothpick. The thermos bottle also comes in a lovely rose pattern that catches the eye.

5. The “After-School Fun with Minako” set 
This set shows how you might enjoy an afternoon with Minako (Sailor Venus), having a crepe or going to a bookstore to buy magazines. Minako’s oversized bag is decorated with Sailor Venus-themed hearts, and her guardian cat Artemis also appears as a figure.

6. The “Going Out with Chibiusa” set
This set includes cute and magical items like the “Luna-P Ball” and the “Space-time Key”. You can also see  the rabbit doll tucked into Chibiusa’s backpack. 

7.  The “Having a Party with Everyone” set
This particularly fun-themed set contains a tasty-looking cake decorated with Sailor Soldier motifs and even Luna and Artemis chocolates on top. Of course, everybody loves a good party, right?

8. The “Going on a Date with Mamoru” set
This set features some romantic items like a bouquet of red flowers and a drink for two with a combined straw that a couple can drink from together. The Tuxedo Mask-themed ice cream and the watch that holds precious memories for Usagi and Mamoru which are also included in the set should make fans smile.

The sets, which seem to be eliciting squeals of “Kawaii!” and “So adorable!” from fans on the Japanese Internet, will be sold from July 27 at convenience stores, anime shops and other retailers dealing with miscellaneous “cute” goods across Japan, at a price of 600 yen (US$4.85) each.  The details in the items really do look amazing, so it’s not surprising that many of the comments on the Internet seem to be positive. If you’re visiting Japan this summer, the sets may make cute and unique souvenirs. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be punished in the name of the moon for not buying one,  would you?

 Source and photos: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site (Japanese) via Nijimen (Japanese)