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With just a month left until the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, we’re so close to seeing anime’s most successful team of magical girls back in action for the first time in almost 20 years. Fans around the world are licking their lips in anticipation, which begs the question, aren’t they going to chap?

Thankfully, you can count on the Sailor Scouts to help you out of such a jam, with new Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune lip balm containers.

Premium Bandai, the high-end arm of the merchandising juggernaut that produces most of the new Sailor Moon goodies released over the past year, has expanded its lineup once again.

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The two sticks of lip balm are based on the design of the Lip Rods Sailors Uranus and Neptune use when transforming from their ordinary attire into their sailor-suited battle gear.

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Uranus’ light blue balm is listed as having a refreshing “Planet Mint” scent. The light green for Sailor Neptune, either Uranus romantic partner or “very close” cousin depending on whether you’re going by the original Japanese version of the story or certain localizations, features the “enchanting Mystique Ocean” aroma.

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The two are sold together as the Twin Lipcream Rod package, which sells for a price of 3,024 yen (US 29.90), not counting tax and shipping. As with most of Premium Bandai’s merchandise, you can expect the limited quantities to go fast, so if you’re interested, we suggest putting your order in right here right now.

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Source: Narinari
Images: Premium Bandai