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Who knew that a raccoon in a cat suit would be the best thing we saw all day?

It’s been 40 years since Rascal the Raccoon first made his rascally appearance in the world. There have been plenty of ways to celebrate, like baked goods, but it might be this collaboration with Sanrio’s slightly elder ambassador of cute that has us reaching for our wallets.

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Starting on July 21, Sanrio is introducing these adorable products that put our favorite kitty together with our favorite raccoon!

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There’s a little bit here for everyone with products ranging from tote bags to pencil cases, stuffed animals and more.

▼ Prices range from 270 yen (US$2.70) to 2,700 yen ($27)

rascal 3

▼ Decorate your things with sticky notes, stickers, pencils, pens and a key chain.

rascal 8

▼ Put them all in this pencil case, take notes with these pads or notebooks and file them away in this clear file set.

rascal 7

▼ Carry all the things with this tote bag, eat and drink all the things with this cup and plate, re-apply your make up with help from this standing mirror.

rascal 6

▼ Wipe away your tears of joy with any of these towels or bring your lunch to work!

rascal 5

▼ But at the end of the day, it’s these adorable plushies that steal our hearts.

rascal 4

You’ll be able to order these from Sanrio’s online shop, or if you can, head to one of their physical stores located throughout Japan to get your cat and raccoon fix in person.

Source: Nari Nari
Images: Araiguma Rascal © Nippon Animation Co.