sailor 5

Most of us probably don’t mind seeing girls in cute swimsuits, right? But these swimsuits in particular seem to have attracted a good deal of attention on the Japanese Internet. Why? Well, other than that they look awfully charming, they manage to combine swimwear with another fetish fashion item that’s extremely popular in Japan — the sailor uniform. And they’re apparently selling quite well too! So, let’s see just how cute they really are.

▼This is the original sailor swimsuit with puff sleeves. Not a typical design for a swimsuit, but cute, nonetheless. It almost looks like a regular dress, if just a little short. sailor 1

▼Here are some closer looks at the swimsuit from various angles. The single white line at the hem of the skirt is a nice accent. sailor 2

sailor 3

Our err.. fascination, shall we say, with sailor uniforms aside, these swimsuits apparently have been well-received enough that this first version, priced at 2,380 yen (US$23.50) has actually sold out! But not to worry, additional stock is expected to become available around the end of this month, and they’re now taking backorders. Plus, there’s a new, second edition sailor swimsuit that’s now on sale for 3,240 yen ($32)!

▼Here’s the new version of the sailor swimsuit, this time with a sleeveless design.sailor 4

▼And here are more shots of the swimsuit in closer detail. The red in this one certainly catches the eye!sailor 6

sailor 7

So, what do you think? Cute design, or does it look too much like clothing and not enough like a swimsuit? But then, there seems to have been a trend in recent years of swimwear looking more like regular resort or lounge wear, so maybe sailor swimsuits aren’t so unusual after all. Personally, I think the second version swimsuit looks just adorable. And we’re certainly not complaining about more cute swimsuit on the market! If you want to have your own sailor swimwear for this summer, they’re available online from the Tincle Outlet Shop, here for the first version and here for the second version. Maybe we can look forward to seeing some cute sailors at the beach or pool this summer!

Source: Tincle Outlet Shop on Rakuten Market via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: Tincle Outlet Shop (Swimsuit 1), Tincle Outlet Shop (Swimsuit 2)