Taking peek-a-boo pranks to new extremes.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get into the spirit of the spooky season, and there’s no better way to do that than with a seasonally appropriate Starbucks mug or tumbler. This year, there’s a whole swag of exciting goods to choose from, all based around the concept of “peek-a-boo”, with design features to play tricks on us in the most wonderful ways.

Kicking off the collection, we have three glow-in-the-dark items.

▼ This 355-millilitre (12-ounce) tumbler, priced at 2,000 yen (US$13.44), is covered in ghosts.

▼ The 473-millilitre stainless steel bottle (4,800 yen) adds some cute cats to the mix.

▼ The 710-millilitre Cold Cup Tumbler (3,150 yen) keeps things simple with the logo taking centre stage on a bumpy surface.

Next up, we have a series of cute cats, with the 355-millilitre stainless steel Cat Bottle priced at 4,250 yen…

▼ …and the 384-millilitre Silicone Lid Heat Resistant Glass Cat Mug Cat for 2,850 yen.

The fun continues with a 473-millilitre colour-changing reusable cup, priced at 550 yen…

▼ …and a cute Bearista drink cap, sold only as a set with the reusable cup, for an additional 1,150 yen.

Those looking for a cute mug can choose from the 355-millilitre Colour-Changing Cat Mug, for 2,200 yen…

▼…or the 355-millilitre Cat Face Mug for 2,200 yen.

The Starbucks Mini Cup Gift (1,050 yen) will put a smile on anyone’s face with its cute cat design.

As will the Cat and Ghost beverage cards, priced at 700 yen each.

▼ Cat Beverage Card

▼ Ghost Beverage Card

Those wanting something soft to snuggle up with while enjoying their drinks can take comfort in the Mini Bearista in bat cosplay for 2,200 yen…

▼…or the Bearista Ghost, limited to online sales, for 4,000 yen.

▼ The Clear Fur Pouch (2,600 yen) is a cuddly accessory that’s both cute and practical.

Finally, we have one of the cutest items of all — the 500-millilitre Cat Ghost Lid Sunny Bottle, priced at 2,700 yen.

▼ The bottle can be separated into three parts for stress-free ice insertion and easy cleaning.

The entire range, excluding the online-exclusive Bearista plush, will be on sale in stores and online from 11 October, which is when the limited-edition Booooo Frappuccino will be on sale as well. With items this cute in the collection, this is shaping up to be a very happy Halloween!

Source, images: Press release
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