Cats, in all their various colours and sizes, are continuing on their path to world domination. Not content with the hours that owners spend lavishing attention on Nintendo 3DS consoles, their latest exercise in shape-shifting has them appearing as soft silicon sheaths designed to hug and protect your handheld system.

Not only will they keep your console scratch-free, these cats promise to keep your friends pleasantly amused, especially if you just have to take time out once in a while to reach that next level in the game. Best of all, anytime is playtime, as these feline companions will travel with you anywhere you go!

The three designs above are the latest releases in the Nyan cat series, which originally included plain black, plain pink and plain beige designs.


The three latest versions include more attention to detail, with cuter and more distinct patterns. Tora, the tiger-like tabbie, and Mike (that’s Mi-ke, not the short form of Michael!), the three-coloured cat, were released on 15 August.







▼ Hachi, the black and white member of the troupe, is due for release on 28 August.




These cats are designed to fit perfectly around a Nintendo 3DSLL (XL in the West), and with their silky soft texture, you can pet them anytime you like! Happy gaming!

Sources:  Hachima Kikou, CYBER Gadget
Images: Amazon Japan 1, 2, 3