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As much as I enjoy its larger screen, I’ve always found the overall design of Nintendo’s 3DSLL (XL in the West) a little off-putting. Compared to its sleeker, smaller brother, the LL somehow looks a little cheap and toy-like to my eyes, and I was disappointed to see that the newer model New 3DSLL would retain the same look as the existing model, albeit with differently coloured face buttons.

Thankfully, a new pair of protective cases has just arrived that will not only hide that chunky little portable’s somewhat awkward exterior, but give the console a giant dose of unnecessary cuteness. Presenting: the Bunny Cover from accessory makers CYBER Gadget.

Available to buy online from September 13 in either pink or black, these bunny-ear covers for 3DS LL are made from snug-fitting silicone and come with all the necessary holes for the console’s many sliders, slots, lights and ports cut into them. Oh, and they also sport a pair of plastic bunny ears on their top edge. Because why wouldn’t a 3DSLL have bunny ears?

▼ As silly as the idea may sound, you have to admit the black version looks kind of classy

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Adding one of these covers to your already pretty hefty 3DSLL will make it that much more cumbersome to carry, and you can forget about slipping it into the back pocket of even your loosest-fitting jeans, but who could deny the added character these simple plastic prongs bring to the portable? And hey, if anyone makes fun of you for kawaii-ing up your console, remember: with a bunny-ear case attached to your 3DS, that fool is just one quick thrust away from a severe eye poking.

▼ For just 1,380 yen (US$12.90), your 3DS can go from fugly to fab

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Source: IT Media
Images: CYBERGadget