Remember the beautiful transparent water cakes we told you about back in June that we went all the way to Yamanashi Prefecture to try? Well, we might have expected it, but someone has come up with a fun, creative take on the water cake that has been delighting Japanese Internet users. And we have to say, we too are hugely impressed by the creation — Dragon Quest slime in a clear, jelly-like form!

The picture of the slime water cakes was posted by Twitter user @ya_chi_ko, and apparently, she used the nifty slime-shaped ice cube molds that Square Enix came out with in July to make the cakes.

▼In her tweet, @ya_chi_ko seems extremely pleased that the slime cakes “turned out so darn well”.
Slime tweet

Well, we certainly agree the slime water cakes look awesome. The jello-y consistency of the cakes makes them utterly adorable, and they look so sweet that you could easily eat them up — literally, in this case. Other Twitter users have praised the creation, commenting that the cakes are “amazing” and “so cute”, and it’s really not surprising the tweet has been retweeted over 18,000 times in the approximately two days since it was posted this past Saturday.

And if that picture isn’t enough to delight you, here’s a short video that shows how temptingly jiggly the slime cakes are. Enjoy!

Source: Twitter@ya_chi_ko (Japanese) via Livedoor News (Japanese)
Images: Twitter@ya_chi_ko