Think you can identify all the prefectures of Japan? Yeah, neither can we. But that’s okay because now with the help of this impressively accurate cookie cutter set, you can study and eat a map of Japan at the same time. Mmmm, knowledge.

The set comes with all 47 prefectures separated by region and grouped by color. Often, especially in geography class, a map of Japan is drawn as one big circle followed by a long circle with two other circles at the bottom. But not this map of Japan, which is surprisingly detailed in its depiction of the twists and turns of the island nation.


To make it even more educational, why not bake up a batch of all 47 prefectures, mix them around, and try to put them all back together in place. You can even bust out some icing and write the prefecture’s names on each cookie (if you can!).


Geography buffs may noticed that even two of the Kuril Islands, disputed territories that jut off to the east of Hokkaido, are present in the cookie cutter set, sure to ruffle a few Russian feathers…or crumble a few cookies.

But even with the presence of not-exactly-globally-acknowledged territories and just a squiggle for Japan’s southernmost prefecture of Okinawa, this is one educational and absolutely adorable cookie cutter set. But if you think the official photos are cute, wait until you see what some Twitter users have baked up:

You can get your own set of Japan cookie cutters online at Amazon Japan or Rakuten Japan for around 1,600 yen (US$15.37). A small price to pay for extra study and a delicious snack all rolled into one!

Images: Akebobo
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