Supposedly 2014 was the “Year of Universal Studios Japan,” as the park introduced radical changes and saw a substantial spike in attendance. This must have made Mickey Mouse and Co. a little nervous, as Tokyo Disney Resorts is introducing an almost comical number of new events and attractions for 2015 in what could be a scramble to maintain their long reign as king, or perhaps magical princess, of the theme parks.

At the moment there’s not a lot of information about the new attractions, but it seems that many of them are aiming to bring a little more traditional Japanese culture to The Happiest Place in Japan. In no particular order, here are the new planned events and attractions for Tokyo Disney Resorts in 2015:

  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater (4/24/15)

The Mermaid Lagoon Theater is actually a Tokyo Disney fixture, but it recently underwent a massive renovation. What the renovations entail – in the grand secretive tradition of large animation companies – is anybody’s guess, but there will be at least one new musical show, “King Triton’s Concert,” to ring in the re-opening.

  • Disney Easter (4/2 – 6/23/15)

Japan has sort of picked up a trend of celebrating imported holidays to the nines these days, as we’ve discussed before, and it looks like Disney may be aiming to popularize another with a new Disney Easter event that spans a way longer time than the Easter season in the west. Easter seems an odd choice on the surface – Japan being a secular nation and all – but it all makes sense when you remember that the Japanese will take any excuse to dress up like cute critters (bunnies, in this case).

  • Disney Natsu Matsuri (“Summer Festival”)(7/9 – 8/31/15)

This is all speculation right now, but judging on the fact that this is called the “Natsu Matsuri” – defying TDL’s convention of importing English loan words to name their events and attractions – this one will probably have a distinctly Japanese spin on it. Summer is the season of festivals in Japan, so it will be interesting to see what Mickey and friends have in store for us here.

  • Disney Summer Festival (7/9 – 8/31/15)

Available at Disney Sea, the slightly more adult-oriented of the two Disney theme parks in Tokyo, this one will probably be more in line with the Western-flavored events and festivals usually on display at the resorts. There will apparently be a lot of fruity new food and drink items, Latin-inspired song and dance, and a lot of chances to get wet.

  • Disney Tanabata Days (6/24 – 7/7/15)

Based on Japan’s Tanabata holiday which takes place on July 7, Tanabata Days will fittingly give guests a chance to fill out “wish cards” and hopefully see their wishes come true. Mickey and Minnie will also put on a daily show re-enacting the tale of literally star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi – two deities separated by the Milky Way who are allowed to meet only once a year on, you guessed it, July 7.


  • Stitch Encounter (Summer ’15)

The only new ride-type attraction, Stitch Encounter will be an interactive theater-style attraction, probably in the vein of the existing Turtle Talk with Crush.

  • Tokyo Disney Electrical Parade (From 9/7/15)

A new nightly parade with floats and some of Disney’s newest characters in costume.

  • Disney Halloween (9/8 – 11/1/15)

You probably shouldn’t go in expecting the same scares as Universal Studios Japan’s annual Horror Night, but you can certainly expect all the high production values that only the richest entertainment company in the world can provide, in addition to Halloween-themed costumes for Disney’s major characters.


  • Christmas Fantasy/Christmas Wish (11/9 – 12/25/15) + New Year’s (1/1 – 1/5/16)

Culminating on Christmas Day, this will be a period in which both parks are decked out in Christmas lights and Christmassy attractions. It’s also already anticipated to be the most romantic time to visit the park, since Christmas is a holiday for couples to spend together in Japan, rather than the time you spend avoiding your drunk uncle and his off-color jokes.

Following the Christmas events, an “Oshogatsu” (Japanese New Year) event will take place, with Japan-inspired decorations and costumes for major characters.

  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy (1/12 – 3/18/16)

No doubt capitalizing on the runaway success of Frozen in Japan (and worldwide), this will be a park-wide event with original decorations, show schedules and more – all themed on the world of Frozen.

  • Welcome, Little Princess (1/12 – 3/18/26)

Supposedly this attraction/event combo will let little girls realize their dreams of becoming a Disney princess. It’s too early to say if this will be a limited attraction, whether it will carry a separate cost to park entrance, or require reservations.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to come out to Tokyo Disney Resorts for 2015, we don’t know what is.

Source: Modelpress
Images: Wikimedia Commons (1, 2, 3)