Since the release of Pokémon X and Y a year ago, players in Japan were enamored by the comely pokémon breeder Tsuzumi. Her sparkling brown eyes, bright smile, and huge bucket of what appears to be crap had melted the hearts of many an aspiring pokémon master.

However, in an appearance in the anime version of Pokémon: XY Tsuzumi seems to have undergone an evolution of sorts. If the Twitter users who pointed this out are correct I’d have to tip my hat to the producers for adding a gritty touch of reality to an otherwise out-there plot.

After the episode titled The Clutzy Pukurin vs. the Berserk Bohmander!! aired, viewers took to Twitter to voice their surprise.

“Pokémon Breeder Girl”

“I was wondering who this lady was. It sort of looks like the Pokémon Breeder.”

An unwritten rule of nearly all animation is that people never really change their body types unless it somehow works into a plot line. However, if this really is Tsuzumi, she certainly appeared to have packed on the pounds. The only plausible reason we could take for her new appearance is… “it happens.”

Commenters seemed to have gone through the seven stages of grief at once regarding this revelation.

“No! It’s her mother.”

“What happened in her life?”

“I wonder if it’s just the same uniform.”

“That’s reality.”

“It shows she’s getting better as a breeder because she can provide a mother’s warmth.”

“If you look at the original picture, you could kind of see it coming in the lower body.”

“The game and the anime are on different timelines. This is a really deep artistic work.”

Indeed it would seem to be a successful pokémon breeder you would have to put on some considerable mass. How else would you get two of these things to mate?

Source: My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Top Image: Twitter
Pokemon Image: Amazon