Team Rocket’s latest plot actually sounds like a good deal for everyone involved.

Many people have a fondness or affinity for a particular Pokémon based on how cute or powerful the creature is. Have you ever stopped and thought, though, about which Pocket Monster is the most intelligent?

Sure, it’s hard to surpass the level of warm fuzzy feelings Pikachu can impart by accompanying you on your journey to become a Pokémon Master, and Eevee’s Double-Edge and Last Resort are nice options to have when battling other trainers. But if you’re sitting at your computer hammering out a work or school project, you want a Pokémon with smarts assisting you, and it’s hard to think of a more suitable candidate than Meowth.


Meowth is one of the very few Pokémon to display proficiency in human speech, and he’s also been shown as able to communicate, to an extent, with Pokémon species that are unable to say anything other than their own names. This skill with languages should come in handy if you need some help thinking of the perfect phrase for a report with a looming deadline, and with this cuddly PC cushion/wrist rest, he’ll be right at arm’s length should you want to ask him for advice.

▼ Although if you actually start to hear your stuffed animals talking to you, please consult a mental health professional.


Meowth is the third Pokémon to get the PC cushion treatment from merchandiser premium Bandai, following the abovementioned Pikachu and Eevee, whose versions appeared back in the summer.



Given some of the devious schemes he’s been involved in during the course of the Pokémon anime series, you might have expected Meowth to swipe one of the pillowy keyboards used by the Pikachu or Eevee cushions, but he looks to be walking the straight and narrow path here, coming bundled with a proper Team Rocket detachable wrist rest of his own.



Still, as a member of the always avaricious Team Rocket, Meowth does want your money. To be exact, he wants 5,616 yen (US$50), which is the price the cushion can be ordered for here through the Premium Bandai website between now and February 28 of next year, with shipping scheduled for March.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai

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