To some hardcore coffee fanatics, Starbucks may not serve the best coffee in the world, but they are definitely the most internationally popular coffee brand known to us. Starbucks fans around the world are not just in love with the coffeehouse chain’s signature blends, many of them like the brand as a whole entity, and some artistic individuals have even been inspired to create handicrafts and pieces of art with the brand’s packaging items.

Think you know the brand’s iconic logo well enough? Korean artist Soo Min Kim shows us faces of the infamous siren that we’ve never seen before in his creative renditions of Starbucks cup art!

Soo Min creates his cup art by covering parts of the green siren logo with white paint, then drawing on original illustrations with a green marker, making the remaining green parts of the logo fuse in with his drawings. He started off with illustrations, but later started cutting out parts of the cup, expanding the possibilities of his unique art style.

▼ Even the world-famous Starbucks siren was once a child.20120528_¼ºÀå

▼ Gangnam style!gangnamstyle04

▼ Posting your Starbucks selfie on Twitter or Facebook? You can’t beat this.IMG_1907

▼ StarHut?IMG_1402

▼ KFC: Kentucky Fried CoffeeIMG_2857

▼ Cutting out parts of the cup brings about a new dimension to the pieces of art.IMG_3062




▼ A playful attempt at visual trickery…IMG_8687

▼ “Hey, no peeking!”IMG_8688

▼ Put a simple tealight candle in the cup, or place it over light and the cup art instantly becomes a fantastic interior piece.IMG_8783




▼ He also integrates these cups into masterpieces on canvas.


▼ Soo Min also occasionally uploads videos of the art cup creation process on YouTube.

Now that we’ve seen these Starbucks cups in a new light, our next trip to Starbucks feels somewhat like a new adventure. Try making your very own cup art!

See more of Soo Min Kim’s creative pieces on his blog, Facebook or YouTube!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Fseo