Love is in the air, and the Starbucks paper cup is reflecting it with Valentine’s style boxes for syrup, milk, decaf and everything else!

There are few things as quintessentially “Starbucks” as the coffee chain’s stylish paper cup. The cup has inspired artwork and comes in a wide range of sizes, although it’s less likely to change in design than the seasonal cups and tumblers they sell.

This Valentine’s season comes with a twist. The regular old square check boxes, used as an in-house code for how to make the drink, are replaced with cute heart shapes instead! There is a row of six hearts, just like on an ordinary cup: Decaf, Shots, Syrup, Milk, Custom and Drink.

The announcement for the seasonal cup campaign has already gathered over 29,000 likes on Twitter!

The comments are as loved-up as the cups, too:

“Looks really cool ° ✧ (*´ `*) ✧ °
“Love the heart cup! It’s just like Starbucks to get us excited about even these tiny details. It’s almost a shame to have to throw it away when you’re done!”
“Adorable! I’m gonna go right out to buy one tomorrow ε-(/・ω・)/”
“Super excited for these!”

The cups tie-in with the Customania promotion, their first seasonal promotion of 2019. Valentine’s Day this year at Starbucks, which emphasizes the slogan of “More Freedom on Valentine’s Day, More Fun”. Customers are encouraged to take snaps of their custom Frappucinos and highlight the check mark side of the cup, to give their social media a passionate power-up!

You can purchase a heart check cup from Starbucks from January 16, but hurry – they’re only available while stocks last! This is a great start for a new year of Starbucks seasonal specials, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Starbucks_J