It may be Starbucks’ quarter-century anniversary, but it’s us who’s getting the presents. 

Fifty years ago, Starbucks was born in Seattle, U.S.A., and twenty-five years later, the coffeehouse chain expanded its operations overseas for the very first time, by opening a store in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1996.

As Starbucks’ first overseas market outside of North America, Japan has played an important role in the history of the now-global brand, and to celebrate its 25th year here, the company is celebrating with a series of upcoming promotions planned for 2021, starting with a special anniversary drinkware range. 

The collection covers everything from stackable mugs through to gift cards and tumblers, all decked out with a special 25th anniversary logo and other cute Starbucks-related motifs that pay homage to the chain’s roots. So let’s get to it and take a look at the new range below!

1. Glass Tumbler (473 millilitres [16 ounces]) 2,640 yen (US$24.01)
2. Handy Stainless Bottle Starbucks Roots (500 millilitres) 4,840 yen
3. Silicon Strap Bottle Siren Tail (473 millilitres) 2,420 yen
4. Curved Stainless Bottle Starbucks Roots (355 millilitres) 4,290 yen
5. Collectable Stacking Mug (355 millilitres) Red / Green / Yellow 2,200 yen each (available online only)
6. Bearista 25 Years 3,630 yen
7. Tumbler Starbucks Roots (355 millilitres) 1,980 yen
8. Stainless Steel Bottle 25 Years (473 millilitres) 4,620 yen

9. Cold Cup Tumbler Bearista Red (355 millilitres) 2,090 yen
10. Tumbler Icons Circle (355 millilitres) 1,980 yen
11. Heat-Resistant Glass Mug Starbucks Roots (355 millilitres) 2,200 yen
12. Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Starbucks Roots 1,045 yen
13. Collectable Cold Cup Glass Coffee Cherry (414 millilitres) 1,760 yen
14. Stainless To-Go Cup Tumbler Icons Loop (355 millilitres) 3,960 yen
15. Beverage Card Starbucks Roots 682 yen
16. Snow Gloves 25 Years 4,290 yen
17. Whip Cap Stainless Steel Jar Tumbler No.25 (473 millilitres) 3,740 yen
18. Mug No.25 (355 millilitres) 2,310 yen

The Starbucks 25th Anniversary Goods collection will be on sale at Starbucks locations around Japan and online from 14 April. They’ll only be sold in limited numbers, though, so if you like something you see, you’ll want to get in quick to avoid missing out.

The new drinkware range is just the start of the 25th anniversary activities planned for this year, scheduled to run from April to August and based around the theme of “The Power of Coffee. The Power of Connection.” We can’t wait to see what other fun surprises they have in store for us–hopefully there’ll be some new Frappuccinos to make up for the sakura series that left us wanting more this year!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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