Back in August we brought you the news that Pizza Hut in Japan was now under the control of four bossy cats. Along with millions of other pizza and cat fans, we couldn’t get enough of the adorable antics of Tenchō, Hime, Dora and Detch as they manned (catted?) the phones, were startled by the sound of the cash register, and rode a rumba around the store.

This week, the chain announced the emergency closure of its Pizza Cat store, citing the mysterious disappearance of the four plucky feline workers. Where could they have gone? And why? We did some detective work to try and find out.

Exhibit One is this video from Pizza Cat announcing the “emergency closure” of the store. On October 20, apparently, the team of furry friends suddenly disappeared.

▼ “But for those of you who need feline assistance,” the video reassures us, “they’ll come back anytime…Maybe.

▼ Cutest “lost cat” posters ever?

Pizza cat5

What could be behind this mysterious vanishing? Well, by delving into Pizza Hut’s tweets from the week preceding the 20th, we found some clues about the gang’s movements.

▼ “Strange behaviour for cats, but…since the recent lunar eclipse, our Pizza Cat employees have been in a funny mood – we’re a bit worried about them. Keep your spirits up, guys!”

▼ “There’s only one week left of the Pizza Cat campaign, but this weekend, something seems to be bothering our feline employees… We know cats can be moody, but not long left now guys! Keep on truckin’!”

It seems the kitties had a funny feeling something was wrong before they disappeared! Could it be something to do with the unusual lunar activity? And what about that mysterious solar-flared pizza Tenchō is gazing at in the video? And the abandoned cat hat and bandana on the ground? Looks like we’ll have to wait and find out.

▼ That is one piping hot pizza.

Pizza cat6

Those “Pizza Cat!” deals we talked about last time are still until October 26, although the name has changed to “Closing down sale?!” If you fancy paying US$21 for a ten-inch pizza and a couple of bottles of tea, that is. I think I’ll stick with the adorable cat videos.

How will the saga unfold? Where have the cats gone? And most importantly, who’s making the pizza now that the shop is unmanned?

▼ “To be continued!” 

Pizza cat3
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Images: YouTube
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