Secret menu item makes us rethink what’s possible at this pizza chain. 

Pizza Hut is famous for selling pizzas, but here in Japan, the chain has been thinking outside the box, recently adding new items like burgers to its menu. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any crazier, we heard whispers of another surprising addition to the menu, and this one has flown under everyone’s radar as it hasn’t been advertised, and when you search for it on Twitter, only five people have posted about it.

▼ You know it’s secret when even Twitter isn’t talking about it.

The menu item we’re talking about is one called “Yaki Cheese Ramen” (焼きチーズラーメン”), or “Grilled Cheese Ramen“.

With Pizza Hut itself keeping the dish a relative secret, we knew we had to find out what it was like, so we headed over to the official website and after a bit of digging around, we found it there under the “Campaign” tab.

▼ The ramen is classified as a side menu item, and it costs 560 yen (US$3.48).

After putting in an order for the ramen, we called Pizza Hut to ask them how long it had been on the menu. Surprisingly, they told us it had been quietly released around mid-March, but despite being around for three whole months, the world is still yet to know about it.

▼ That all changes today, when we finally lift the lid on the box and find out what Pizza Hut ramen tastes like.

▼ Ta daaa! Well, it’s definitely ramen noodles, but…

▼ …the outside is covered with crispy grilled cheese!

There was no broth to be found here — only noodles, which, despite looking like spaghetti, were bona fide noodles. While ramen purists might turn their noses up at a dish like this, we’re open to all sorts of noodle interpretations, so we took a giant slurp and found…

▼ …it was absolutely delicious!

Though it was a bit like mac and cheese, only with long noodles instead of macaroni, it actually tasted a lot like ramen. In fact, the warm, cheesy deliciousness of it all was reminiscent of Pizza Hut’s ramen pizza we tried earlier this year.

Produced in collaboration with Japanese ramen chain Tenka Ippin, the pizza was stronger in flavour, due to the many ingredients and seasonings in its topping, but the Grilled Cheese Ramen had a similar broth-like seasoning that gave it the same sense of decadent moreishness, and we were totally seduced by it.

With just cheese, seasoning and noodles as ingredients, it’s a simple dish but one that satisfies. So next time you’re ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut, be sure to check out the side dishes — you might just find some secrets there that’ll surprise you!

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