Which ’90s pizza would you choose?

Pizza Hut is celebrating 50 years of business in Japan this year, and to help mark the occasion, the chain has been providing us with a slew of new and unusual pizzas, including a “Too Much Coriander Pizza” and one topped with Wieners and coffee.

Now, the chain is going back to the ’90s for its latest release, reissuing a series of pizzas that were popular at Pizza Hut at the end of the last century in what they’re calling “Pizza Hut Japan Arrival 50th Anniversary Reissue! 90’s (Nineties)“.

So let’s take a look at the four pizzas returning from the ’90s for a limited time!

▼ Idaho Special

A rich and mellow pizza with plenty of fluffy potatoes and a mayo sauce base.

Contains: Diced potato; bacon; onion; black pepper; parsley; special tomato sauce; special mayo sauce.

▼ Sicilian

Special meat sauce topped with fried eggplant.

Contains: Eggplant; mushroom; garlic; parsley; special meat sauce.

▼ Daddini

Scattered thick-cut chicken breast pieces paired with a fragrant basil sauce.

Contains: Smoked chicken; mushroom; green pepper; onion; garlic; basil sauce; special tomato sauce.

▼ BBQ Chicken

Plenty of barbecue-flavored chicken. Pizza Hut recommends getting this one if you’re stuck on which one to choose as it’s a “good old-fashioned pizza”.

Contains: BBQ Chicken; Mushroom; Pepper; Onion; Garlic; Basil Sauce; Special Tomato Sauce.

Legend 4

Those wanting a taste of all four ’90s pizzas will want to opt for this pizza, which contains all four of the varieties mentioned above for “legendary deliciousness”.

Contains: Sicilian; Daddini; Idaho Special; BBQ Chicken.

While these pizzas will take your taste buds on a nostalgia trip, Pizza Hut says they’re also designed to help encourage communication between parents and children. Given the widespread interest in the ’90s right now, the pizzas are able to act as a conversation starter between the older and younger generations, prompting parents to share their memories of the decade over pizza.

So whether you’d like to wax lyrical about the ’90s or simply munch on a good pizza, Pizza Hut’s new series is ready and waiting for you, priced from 1,400 yen (US$9.78) at outlets around the country from 19 June until 22 October.

Source, images: PR Times
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