A sneaky Twitter user snapped this shot of a kabe-don in action right in the middle of the world’s busiest train station. Always eager for a bit of 2-D romance come to life, netizens were looking forward images of a cute female station attendant blushing in her uniform while being thoroughly kabe-donned by a towering, masculine passenger… Unfortunately that’s not quite what they got.

It’s kind of hard to explain the appeal of kabe-don to those not in the know.

The word comes from ‘kabe‘, the Japanese word for wall, and ‘don‘ the onomatopoeic word for someone hitting a hard object. Put them together and you get kabe-don, which consolidates the image of someone slamming their hand against the wall. But that’s not all it stands for – this move is reserved for totally badass guys who have trouble expressing the gentle feelings of love simmering deep inside them. It’s become a staple of shoujo manga to the point where it’s almost become a parody, and detailed diagrams teaching people how to fend off unwanted kabe-don have since begun appearing online.

Any instances of kabe-don are instantly captured on camera and uploaded for posterity and envy and/or mockery. This particular shot received more of the latter.




You might not think this to be the most exciting news to hit the Net, but there was no shortage of comments from netizens.

I was expecting a female attendant
Fail kabe-don
Is he a younger seme…?
What’s with the crossed legs lololol
Is he causing trouble? Or just trying to look cool?
The station attendant’s standing at attention lolol
Isn’t his head, like, really big?
With that posture it looks the weight of his bag would hurt his back… (It’s nice to see someone so concerned about the guy’s well-being.)

Netizens also amused themselves by pondering what he could be saying to the poor station attendant, coming up with some lines right out of a shoujo manga.

You’d better not give anyone but me a ride
I’ll give you a ride on the special express
Hey, hey, wanna go out for a drink?♪
I love you!! (Definitely the most likely option.)

Feel free to post your own captions in the comment section below!

Source: HamuSoku
Image: Twitter