We previously introduced Kabe-don, the romantic wall pound that has sent Japanese girls swooning. For guys that want to show off their tough love, this is the way to do it. In fact, it became so popular in Japan that even cats were found to have jumped on the Kabe-don bandwagon. Nevertheless, this writer has never experienced Kabe-don nor seen anyone actually do it. If you also long for a Kabe-don moment yourself, there is now a cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo that helps you do just that! The catch is, the Prince Charming of your Kabe-don is in fact a…life-sized figure.

【Mr. Kabe-don is a life-sized figure made of silicon】

In order to promote their new product “CAFE MARRIAGE Torokeru Caramel & Chocolate Pudding”, Morinaga set up this time-limited “Torokeru Kabe-don Cafe” to melt their female customers’ hearts. Mr. Kabe-don, the life-sized figure who works at the cafe, was designed and made specially for this event. To make him as life-like as possible, they have even chosen to make him out of silicon so that the touch of his skin will feel close to that of human skin.

You can pick your favorite Kabe-don

When you enter the cafe, Mr. Silicon Kabe-don is leaning against the wall waiting for you. The Kabe-don Cafe adds more excitement to their service by allowing participants to choose the scenario they want. You can pick from five scenarios including “Kabe-don of the Day”, “Graduation Kabe-don”, “Childhood Friend Kabe-don” and “Confession Kabe-don”. After that, all you need to do is to crawl into the space between Mr. Kabe-don and the wall, and you can enjoy the Kabe-don of your life! The scenario you have picked will play as you enjoy your intimate moment with your beau, pinned against the wall in the ultimate Kabe-don experience. After getting your insides all melted, you can still enjoy dessert to complete a sweet girls’ day out.

Torokeru Kabe-don Cafe will be held at the Sweets Paradise SoLaDo Shinjuku on the third floor of SoLaDo Shinjuku starting October 11. If you’re feeling a little lonely, why not go try it out? Gentlemen are welcome too – perhaps you can take a Kabe-don lesson from Mr. Kabe-don here!

Source: YouTube, MyNavi News

▼ The making of Mr. Kabe-don

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