Where will it end? It seems like the Japanese internet still can’t get enough of the kabe-don phenomenon.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the trend evolve from the romantic aspirations of high school girls everywhere to incredibly intense displays of affection. This time, we’re proud to bring you 12 more glorious tweets of the kabe-don in action–and don’t think that humans are the only ones ‘walling’ it up!

It’s nice to see some animals besides our usual cats getting some press time–even inanimate objects seem to be in on the trend! Which of the following kabe-don shots do you think deserves the grand prize?

▼”I tried doing semi [cicada]-don to my classmate. It was scary for me, too.”

▼”We tried doing semi-don.”

▼”This kabe-don is good.”

▼”Cat kabe-don! They split up as soon as they comforted each other.”

▼”Kabe-don hahahahaha”

▼”Kabe-don! is what I thought they were doing, until I realized that he was just fixing the other guy’s helmet.”

▼”Today, October 15 (Wednesday), Puroland will be closed. Daniel Starr (Sanrio’s Dear Daniel)!? About a month ago, Kuromi was also doing the kabe-don. Maybe it’s still popular!?”

▼”Sonetto-chan’s kabe-don is spectacular.”

▼”10/18/2014 @ Kawanishi-machi. Kabe-don”

▼”I spotted a kabe-don in action at Shinjuku Station.”

▼”The people next door are really noisy so I’ll kabe-don them. (‘ω’)”


What new trend will ever be popular enough to trump the kabe-don? We haven’t the foggiest at the moment, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we discover it!

Source: CuRAZY
Top image: Twitter (midori-zero)