LINE is Japan’s most popular instant messaging platform and it came to its place on top via cute emoji “stickers.” But maybe you’ve had enough of the cutesy bears and sparkling hearts. Maybe you need to let out some emoji anger when your girlfriend is being a bit clingy with her texts. Fear not! The LINE stickers of your dreams have been released and they are just as tough, and occasionally gruesome, as you want them to be! Welcome into the ring, Street Fighter II!

street4Almost all of the characters from Capcom’s fighting classic are included in both winning and losing poses. The graphics are even a little better than they were in the original game, but you that’s probably par for the course after 23 years of technological advance (yes, Street Fighter II really was released 23 years ago–you’re that old).

The stickers are available through the LINE store for 200 yen (US$1.99), to fire up your keitai and be the first to throw a hadouken at your friends! I foresee my LINE messages looking like super-slow motion fight scenes, and I couldn’t be more excited.

▼ We’re sure you could make good use of a few of these in your texts!

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Source: Jin
Images: LINE Store