One of the first things every new pet owner learns is to never feed your furball at the table. You only have to give in once, and you’ll spend the rest of your days fending off kitty with a fork and spitting fur out of each mouthful as your adorable pet gets a little overinvolved in your meal times. In my house it’s got to the stage where I can’t even butter a slice of bread without one of my kitties attempting to lick the knife, and I’ve had to remove the other cat’s head from the refrigerator before closing the door so many times it’s beyond a joke. But what are you supposed to do when your pet looks up at you with those big, round eyes and begs you for a treat? Just see if you can watch this video of kitties begging for fishy snacks without melting!

The kitties in this video uploaded by YouTube user 9 Cats have clearly been trained to beg politely for snacks. Just look at the determination on those furry faces as they fixate on their prize!

▼ Aw paw-lease, kind Hoomin!


▼ Success! All your snacks are belong to me!

Check out the adorable video below to see these kitties begging for their supper!

Hmm, is it too late to teach my cats to beg this adorably for tasty rewards?

Source: Kotaro
Images: Kotaro, screenshots via 9Cats/YouTube