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Although it’s been some years since the Tower Burger made its first appearance at Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria, it seems the sheer visual impact of the massive hamburger still manages to captivate the Japanese public every time it goes on sale. We have to admit, the five-patty hamburger does make for quite an impressive sight, after all.

Now, Lotteria has once again come up with a full-scale recreation of the impressive burger … this time as a computer mouse! And they’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner in their “Life-size Tower Cheeseburger Mouse Giveaway Campaign” that’s currently on way. That’s right, there’s going to be only one winner, so we know the competition is going to be fierce!

Lotteria isn’t the only fast food chain in Japan that has come out with unique food-shaped gadgets; we’ve reported to you about the line of fried chicken-themed goods offered by Kentucky Fried Chicken in September this year. And as for Lotteria, they actually came out with two Tower Burger items back in October even before the current campaign, although the goods at that time were USB memory sticks instead of a mouse (and yes, the memory sticks were life-size too).

Well, this time the prize is this tower of a mouse, and while it’s delightful to look at, we have a feeling that it may not be the most practical shape for a mouse, simply due to its size and height.

mouse 1

Still, we’re sure plenty of people across Japan will be hoping to win this one of a kind Tower Cheeseburger mouse.

To enter the campaign for a shot to become the owner of the unique mouse, you need to follow Lotteria’s Twitter account and retweet their tweet advertising the campaign.

▼Here’s the message that you apparently need to retweet.

We’re not sure if Lotteria is accepting entries from outside of Japan, but the campaign runs until December 14, and you can retweet as many times as you like during that time. You should take note, however, that tweets starting with an “RT” won’t be counted as an entry.

Okay, so we think the mouse looks awesome, even if it is a bit bulky, and we wouldn’t blame anyone for seriously wanting it. In fact, if these were available for sale, we wouldn’t be surprised if they made for some good business. But then, it wouldn’t be as exciting to win one, would it? Here’s to ridiculously cute and exclusive food-shaped gadgets … they at least make us smile!

Source: Lotteria website (Japanese) via Entabe (Japanese) 
Photos: Lotteria website (Japanese)