Gudetama and friends celebrate Easter in limited-edition donuts from healthy shop Floresta

Everyone’s favorite depressed egg is ready to spruce up your Easter breakfast!

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Chucky and Friends save Easter

When these Good Guys are around, having a fun Easter in Japan is child’s play!

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New Japanese KitKats feature sakura sake and a traditional cherry blossom dessert

Hanami flavours are accompanied by a special limited-edition Easter treat this year. 

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Easter goes high-end with amazing chocolate egg from luxury brand Bulgari! [Pics]

This definitely is no ordinary Easter egg!  

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Say hello to the new Easter doughnut range from Krispy Kreme Japan

Easter is the time to eat cute ladybugs in Japan.

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Universal Studios Japan and Kewpie Mayo to offer delightfully convoluted Kewpie-Elmo-Easter-Eggs

Japan will see your chocolate-carrying rabbit and raise you a co-opted mayonnaise mascot wearing a muppet costume.

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New Krispy Kreme premium range includes sakura and matcha green tea doughnut cakes

The new luxury doughnuts are being billed as miniature cakes thanks to their creamy, delectable fillings.

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Cast of Madoka Magica anime gets into the Easter spirit with line of special holiday merchandise

The characters from the dead-serious magical girl franchise show off their bunny ears, flowery dresses, and egg-shaped soul gems.

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Bite-sized Easter cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner feature cute bunny-eared Disney characters

The adorable mini cake set is just one of nine items in the sweet limited-edition collection.

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First ever Easter Kit Kats in Japan feature 13 types of carrot-flavoured cuteness

Kit Kats in Japan are well-known for their creative designs and flavours, including limited releases for annual events and holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and even the cherry blossom viewing season.

Until now, there was one special holiday that always went unnoticed: Easter. This year, Nestle Japan are releasing their first ever Easter range, with a clever play on words that ties the religious festival to the month of April, the start of the Japanese school and business year.

According to Nestle, Easter is an ii sutaato, which means “good start” in Japanese. And with these gorgeous apple pie and carrot flavoured chocolates on the market, it looks like it’s going to be a very good start indeed.

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Disney characters cosplay as adorable edible Easter bunnies for cake maker Cozy Corner

If you were fighting the temptation to dig into confectioner Cozy Corner’s selection of cakes inspired by the leading ladies of the Disney animated canon, congratulations. Your struggle is over, since as of March 4, they’re no longer available.

If, on the other hand, you were hoping to try the stylish sweets for yourself but just couldn’t find the time, you have our sincere sympathies. Don’t feel too bad, though, because no sooner has one set of Cozy Corner Disney desserts bowed out than another has appeared on the scene, this time featuring the studio’s beloved characters cosplaying as Easter bunnies.

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Krispy Kreme Japan’s adorable Easter chick donut is back with sakura and strawberry friends

With just one month of winter left, it’s time to start looking ahead for all the great things spring promises. And while we’re all happy about getting some extra daylight and the prospect of being able to wear fewer than three layers of clothes whenever we step out our front door, we’re even more excited that Krispy Kreme Japan is once again whipping up a special group of Easter donuts, which promise to be just as adorable as they were last year and possibly even more delicious.

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