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Getting pounded into the turf by a 40-meter (131-foot) tall martial artist who can shoot beams of energy from his hands can’t be an easy lifestyle. So last year when a restaurant opened in Kawasaki to honor the giant monsters and aliens who so often end up on the losing side of the battles in the Ultraman franchise, we thought it was nice they now had a place to relax, enjoy some tasty food, and knock back a few beers between regularly getting pummeled by the good guys.

Of course, we Earthlings were also welcome at the establishment, called the Kaiju Sakaba (“Monster Pub”). We stopped by shortly after the place opened last year, and all of the Ultraman-themed decorations made us feel like we were little kids again (well, at least until our first round of alcoholic drinks arrived, anyway). And then we felt like little kids again as wept in sadness upon hearing the Kaiju Sakaba was closing last March.

But, just like the ending of each installment of the Ultraman saga gives way to the next chapter, the Kaiju Sakaba is coming back to Kawasaki later this month, and this time it’s here to stay!

A lack of customers didn’t seem to be the reason for the temporary shutdown. Rather, according to statements made by Kaiju Sakaba manager Baltan Alien, the Space Guard found out about their secret headquarters, forcing the restaurant-running creatures to lie low foe a few weeks.

So while the doors have been closed since April 1, they’ll be opening back up again on April 15, fulfilling the promise of “We’ll be back!” that Baltan Alien made on his blog at the end of March. As a proper sequel, though, it won’t be known as simply the Kaiju Sakaba anymore. No, from April 15, the restaurant will be called The Return of Kaiju Sakaba (Kaettekita Kaiju Sakaba in Japanese)!

▼ Proud proprietor Baltan Alien (far left) and his staff putting up the new sign

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Along with the new name, the restaurant is also getting new menu items and a spruced up interior. Considering how jam-packed it already with nods to the almost 50 years of Ultraman lore that have been built up since the franchise’s very first TV series in 1966, we can’t imagine what else the management has up its rubber sleeves, but given Baltan Alien’s impeccable work ethic and business acumen, we’re sure it’ll be something special.

▼ Some of the kaiju-inspired chow on offer

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Still, we’re too anxious to wait patiently until April 15, so we tried digging for clues in the press releases for the reborn restaurant. While we didn’t get any concrete answers, we did find this mysterious photo of Earth Defense Force member Annu and Pegassa Alien, captioned with “Rumors of a new themed room” and “Look forward to it!” splashed across the image.

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The Return of Kaiju Sakaba is located in the same location as the previous Kaiju Sakaba, just a short walk from Kawasaki Station, halfway between Tokyo and Yokohama. Reservations are already being taken, but to ensure the longevity of his business venture, Baltan Alien asks guests keep the grand reopening under their hats when within earshot of any of the many Ultramen.

Restaurant information
The Return of Kaiju Sakaba / 帰ってきた怪獣酒場
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Ekimae Honcho 3-1, NOF Kawasaki Higashi Guchi Building, Basement level 1
神奈川県川崎市川崎区駅前本町3-1 NOF川崎東口ビル B1階
Open 4:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
Closed January 1
Restaurant website
Reservation website

Sources: Tsuburuya Station, Value Press
Top image: The Return of Kaiju Sakaba
Insert images: Tsuburuya Station
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