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You wouldn’t name your anime fashion company Super Groupies if it wasn’t staffed by some pretty big fans of Japanese animation, and the clothing retailer’s product catalogue speaks to its comprehensive love of the art form. Not only are recent hits and long-time favorites alike represented, Super Groupies is totally comfortable working both sides of the iconic magical girl street.

So while lovers of Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon recently got their fix with some sailor suit-style clothes to wear around the house, now the fans of manga creative team Clamp’s magical girl series are getting their turn with two sets of Cardcaptor Sakura pajamas.

While Sakura’s school uniform is memorable enough to have served as the inspiration for two pairs of shoes, a dress, and even lingerie, neither of the pajama sets take their cues from the outfit the heroine wears at Tomoeda Elementary.

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The simpler of the two options, called the Setup Pajamas, comes in Sakura’s trademark cherry blossom pink, with the series’ recurring angel wing motif splashed across the back. You’ll find a Star Key emblem stitched into the chest, and also a removable Star Key charm attached to the zipper pull.

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The Setup Pajamas come with a separate pair of fluffy shorts, and also a pair of long socks accented with a red ribbon.

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If you’re looking to go even cuter with your at-home wardrobe, there’s also the Cat Ear pajamas, which are a one-piece design.

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The hood’s ears aren’t the only feline touch, as the included socks also each sport a pair of cat ears, and there’s even a cute little tail, although both it and the ribbon snapped to the back of the outfit can be removed

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▼ There’s also a Sealing Wand crest attached to the chest.

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Both polyester pajama sets can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (Setup here, Cat Ear here) for 12,800 yen (US$108). Delivery is scheduled for early September, conveniently the same time frame as Super Groupies’ Sailor Moon pajamas so that you and your friends can have crossover pillow fights at your autumn slumber parties.

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