Or you could just wear it while you’re chilling on the couch and binge-watching the anime classic.

After a 16-year break, fans of the magical girl genre are thrilled to be able to read Cardcaptor Sakura again, a sequel series to the beloved manga started at the beginning of last summer. And while fans may have to wait a little longer to watch protagonist Sakura Kinomoto in the franchise’s new anime that’s been promised, they can be the Cardcaptor herself next month, thanks to merchandiser Takara Tomy.

Going on sale October 1 is the official Card Captor Sakura Clow Card Arc Costume (so named to differentiate it from the new Clear Card Arc). While Sakura has worn a variety of outfits during her adventures, the costume is a recreation of her most iconic set of clothing, as seen in the anime’s original opening sequence.


For ease of wear, the jumper-style dress, blouse, and frilly pannier are all sewn together as a single piece. Included accessories consist of a girlish cap, gloves with ribbons at the wrists, and a pair of detachable cloth angel wings.



The bundle also includes a single Clow Card, with the unspoken implication apparently that it’s up to you to make like Sakura and find the rest.


Two sizes are available: small, for wearers between 153 and 160 centimeters (60 and 63 inches) in height, and medium for those between 158 and 164 centimeters. Domestic order can be placed through the Takara Tomy website (small here, medium here), where the costume is priced at 16,200 yen (US$157), or on Amazon Japan (small, medium), where it’s discounted to 13,770 yen. The outfit officially goes on sale October 1, meaning that if you act fast you can have it in your hands in time to coordinate with your friends who’re dressing up as Dragon Ball characters for Halloween.

Source: Nijimen via Anime News Network/Lynzee Loveridge
Images: Takara Tomy

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