If you haven’t heard of the Twitter account Anime in History yet, then you need to follow them right away. They put out near-daily pictures of anime characters flawlessly Photoshopped into historical photographs, making you swear that they were actually there.

With over 100 pictures and counting though, we figured it was about time to do a list of the best pictures released so far. So we here at RocketNews24 present to you the top 20 anime photobombs throughout history, as made possible by Anime in History.

The criteria for choosing the top 20 pictures was how well the scene fits the anime, how well the anime is blended into the scene, and a whole lot of very biased personal opinion too. If your top 20 is different, that’s great! Let us know your favorites in the comments.

Here’s some of the ones we think are too awesome not to share:

20. Totoro in the rain

Sometimes you’re just out waiting for a bus with your friend the forest spirit, and all of a sudden some guy comes along leaping on lampposts and singing.

19. Swingin’

That rope around Hestia’s chest is really doing some work.

18. Samurai fanart

Speaking of Hestia, apparently she was popular even with 19th century otaku.

17. Japanese archers

So that’s where the Kantai Collection archers got their skills from. Or, alternatively, that’s where the Japanese archers got their skills from.

16. Durarara!!

Shizuo fits in so well here I probably wouldn’t have even noticed anything was off if I didn’t know to look for it.

15. Einstein and Ikari

Two geniuses spending time together, and Ikari is making sure to let you know that he does not approve of you being there.

14. WWII Gargantia

…how about we just ask them to be friends instead?

13. Haro everyone!

We certainly have come a long way in making Gundam goods more accessible to the common man.

12. Hitchcock’s waifu

I always knew Hitchcock was a macabre guy, but taking Mami’s severed head for himself… that’s just insensitive to the fans.

11. Love Live!

Apparently the German army brought in girls to sing for the troops and keep morale up. Apparently they were also fans of Japanese high school idol groups.

10. So much envy

I could’ve sworn Diane was only 30 feet tall. Must be that Hollywood magic.

9. A new champion-ship

Not even a member of the “Dream Team” can beat the “Generation of Miracles.”

8. Calligraphy cats

Seishu had to learn those calligraphy skills somewhere, and this photo almost looks real enough to make us believe.

7. Oh hi there Honoka!

This one’s not particularly fitting or seamlessly edited in, but it’s too funny not to include.

6. Dali being Dali

Considering the original picture is Dali taking his anteater for a walk, having Kyubey in there instead actually makes it a bit more believable.

5. The original Evangelion

When there’s no mechs around to pilot, you have to settle for what’s available.

4. Seeing Ghosts in the Shell

This one is so deliciously subtle; the Laughing Man sign and Tachikoma in the corner blend in perfectly to the scenery.

3. John and Yoko

John Lennon was with Yoko Littner? I could’ve sworn it was another Yoko, but you can’t argue with proof like this.

2. Sinatra and Spiegel

Just two cool dudes just hanging out. And also having really large feet.

And the number one best Anime in History photo is…

1. I feel Spirited Away

In all honesty this picture just leaves me speechless. How fitting it is for the characters, how beautifully they’re edited in, I could look at it all day and not get bored. What’s that girl saying to Chihiro? How did they get the light so perfect across her and No-Face’s laps? I demand an HD version so ! can print it out and cover my wall!

So that’s our top 20 list! Let us know if we missed any good ones, and be sure to follow Anime in History on Twitter so you can enjoy even more historically significant photographs.

Source: Twitter(@AniHistory) via Hamusoku