Become your favorite animal with these realistic onesies, complete with pullover masks

The perfect accessory for when you want to come home and pretend you’re not an adult, but still look cool.

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Crotch improvement makes Japan’s new 2019 Damegi roomwear lazier and cozier than ever【Photos】

Designers’ hard work lets you feel better than ever before while doing absolutely nothing.

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Japanese company creates new “Kimono Pyjamas” designed to be worn indoors and outdoors

One of Japan’s favourite cosplayers models the range on the streets of Kyoto.

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Flaunt your fandom and sleep in style with these new Gintama pajama sets

You’ll be comfy and cool from head to toe!

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New “rich girl” schoolgirl roomwear arrives to celebrate the start of the academic year in Japan

The Ojo-sama is the newest addition to the growing field of schoolgirl-style pajamas.

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Japan’s crazy-comfortable pajama jumpsuits promise to ruin your productivity this winter

Get set to put off all your responsibilities until at least the spring.

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Is pajama fashion the new trend among young Japanese women?

It certainly looks comfortable, but would you wear it outside?

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The ultimate pajamas for lazy otaku girls are now on sale in Japan 【Photos】

Single-piece garment features openable flaps for your twintails and poo.

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Cardcaptor Sakura won’t be outdone by Sailor Moon as she gets her own cozy anime pajama line

You wouldn’t name your anime fashion company Super Groupies if it wasn’t staffed by some pretty big fans of Japanese animation, and the clothing retailer’s product catalogue speaks to its comprehensive love of the art form. Not only are recent hits and long-time favorites alike represented, Super Groupies is totally comfortable working both sides of the iconic magical girl street.

So while lovers of Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon recently got their fix with some sailor suit-style clothes to wear around the house, now the fans of manga creative team Clamp’s magical girl series are getting their turn with two sets of Cardcaptor Sakura pajamas.

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In the name of the moon, do nothing! Sailor Moon pajamas arrive to help you loaf around the house

If you’re an anime fan who grew up watching and loving Sailor Moon, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is no matter how cute main character Usagi looks in her school uniform, you’re probably past the age where you’ll have many chances to actually wear a sailor suit in public (occasional anime convention notwithstanding).

The good news is that now there’s a set of Sailor Moon pajamas that look comfy enough that you might want to make them your de-facto uniform for relaxing at home.

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Dead or Alive 5 achieves new level of creepiness with “Bath and Bedtime” costumes

It should come as no surprise to learn that the fighting game series that spawned a bikini-packed beach volleyball spin-off and whose developers included the option to change how much female fighters’ breasts jiggle likes to get sexy. Dead or Alive has always been about scantily clad females, enormous boobs and gratuitous close-ups and poses; it’s not especially tasteful, but to each their own.

But the latest round of downloadable costumes for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, called the “Bath and Bedtime” series, seems to be confusing “sexy” with “creepy”, as it pits female martial artists against each other while wearing naught but their jammies and bath towels.

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