Escape games, where people work in teams to solve puzzles to free themselves from confined spaces, have become hugely popular in Japan and around the world. When combined with a role-play theme, these events become even more exciting, as participants get to dress up and live out their fantasies in cleverly constructed worlds filled with props, sound and oodles of atmosphere.

As luck would have it, the escape concept is an idea that fits in perfectly with the narrative of the hugely popular Attack on Titan franchise, where members of the human race live in the confines of a walled city and spend a large chunk of time running away from flesh-eating giants. If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of being chased by a hungry Titan while also dealing with the stress of solving a puzzle within a time limit to save your life, it’s time to dress like a member of the Survey Corps and head out to Tokyo or Osaka this summer.

The first Attack on Titan Real Escape Game was held in nine locations in Japan last year and then went on to travel the world, entertaining thousands of fans from New York to Singapore. Now it’s back with different challenges, a themed menu and awesome sculptures to recreate the feeling of being attacked by a giant Titan.

▼ We can just imagine the line-up here as fans take photos of themselves perched in the palm of a Titan.


The new game, called “Escape from an Amusement Park Surrounded by Titans,” will be held at the Tokyo Dome City Attractions Amusement Park from 18 July 18 to 23 September, and at Hirakata Park in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, from 24 July to 6 September.


When you need to refuel, the themed menu has some offerings to keep your mind set firmly in the world of attacking Titans.

▼ A foot-long mouthful by both name and by nature is the “Celebration in anticipation of the recapture of Wall Maria Hot Dog”.


▼ Head soldier Levi’s tea set


▼ Levi’s Iced Tea


▼ Jean’s favourite “Om Om” rice omelette


▼ Food orders also come with cool luncheon mats and coasters.



▼ Original stickers will also be available.


For a quick look at the Survey Corps who’ll stand by you during the game, check out the action-packed video below.

Organisers are expecting a mass turn-out of fans eager to experience the sound and atmosphere inside an enormous stadium under threat of attack. Just remember, those who don’t finish all escape puzzles in time will be deemed eaten and forced to stand ashen-faced in the middle of the event venue. Happy gaming!

Source: Socialwire
Images: Real Dasshutsu Game by Scrap