Why let carbs get in your way when you can have meat, meat, and more meat?

When Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced Double Down, a wicked burger that replaces buns with fillets of fried chicken, Japan went on the offense and stuffed rice in there for an extra twist.

Now, the original is back yet again in Japan as The Double (520 yen, US$4.65). Available from November 1, it features sliced cheddar cheese, roasted bacon, barbecue sauce, and mustard dressing sandwiched between two thick fillets of fried chicken.

▼ A junk-food fan’s dream burger.

First introduced here in 2012, its unique combination of delectable crispiness was popular enough to trigger a revival six years later. If you want to stuff yourself with delicious fried chicken, The Double will certainly not disappoint.

KFC Japan will also bring back the Finest Selection Pack, a meal combo comprising all-time favorites like Original Recipe Chicken, a biscuit-like dessert, chicken tenders, and crispy potato twirls. It also comes in two forms, Pack A (1,080 yen) and Pack B (1,500 yen), with the latter packing an extra two pieces of chicken and one more serving of potato twirls.

▼ Pack A would be perfect for one hungry individual.

Also returning is the Colonel Charity Box (390 yen), which features a piggy bank in the form of a smiling Colonel Sanders. Each Colonel Charity Box purchase will donate 100 yen to the World Food Programme, an organization that strives to end hunger and improve nutrition in various countries around the world.

▼ How can anyone resist that innocent smile?

While the Finest Selection Pack may continue for some time, fans of The Double and Colonel Charity Box might want to snap them up quickly as they are limited. It is a shame we won’t get the Filipino version of the Double Down here, though, because having a mustard-laced hot dog sandwiched by deep-fried chicken fillets sounds just as fantastic.

Source: PR Times, Entabe
Images: PR Times