kaiten sushi

Japanese police make first “sushi terrorism” arrests for disgusting sushi restaurant prank videos

Like the plates in revolving sushi restaurants, justice eventually comes around.

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How to use Japan’s revolving sushi capsule toy for a literal revolving sushi meal at home

Warning! This idea comes from Mr. Sato.

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Kappa Sushi’s newest menu item is just sushi rice, but we’re not that mad about it, honestly

Kappa Sushi is revitalizing its sushi…starting with its rice!

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What time of day gets you the best-tasting sushi at a revolving sushi restaurant?

We ask an expert what time we should set our sushi-loving intestinal clocks for.

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Rogue sushi spotted at rotating sushi restaurant in Japan【Video】

It’s not every day you see a literal kaiten sushi. 

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Can’t go to conveyor belt sushi? Major Japanese chain will bring the conveyor belt to you!

Two chefs will also come to your place of choosing, as long as it’s big enough.

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Which conveyor belt sushi place’s chawanmushi egg custard is the best? We investigate【Taste Test】

If you skip this sometimes-overlooked part of a traditional sushi restaurant meal, you’re missing out! Read More

Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online

A lesson in what not to do at a revolving sushi joint in Japan.

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We investigate which conveyor belt sushi restaurant is best for drinking alone, drowning regrets

Kappa Sushi, Kura Sushi, and Sushiro. Which pairs best with contemplating past mistakes?

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Japan’s first kaiten-sweets shop brings the fun of conveyor-belt sushi to Valentine’s chocolate

Get your chocolate fix on with a twist for a limited time at SWEETY LOFT in Ginza.

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Upcoming Nintendo game lets you eat sushi, destroy enemies with stacks of sushi plates 【Video】

Will you be able to master the way of Sushido?

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When East meets West: Rice omelet sushi available for a limited time at Sushiro

If you’re looking to try a popular type of washoku, or traditional Japanese food, while in Japan, sushi would be at the top of the list for many. If you wanted to try some authentic yoshoku, or Western-style Japanese cuisine, omurice, a parcel of rice wrapped in an omelette skin and topped with tomato sauce, would be one of the firm recommendations.

Now both of these star players have finally come together as part of a brand new menu from popular revolving sushi chain Sushiro. This unique Omurice Sushi is dainty, delicious and it retails for only 108 yen!

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Sushi suitcase covers are back, this time with new flavors!

In most countries, when you think of conveyor belts you might think of factories, but in Japan, most people’s minds would probably jump first to sushi. Conveyor belt sushi is not only delicious and cheap, but it adds a little fun to your meal.

Some innovative designers decided to take that fun and add it to another common conveyor belt: airport luggage carousels. Last year Parco released their first edition of sushi suitcase covers, but this year they are back with three new flavors.

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