Japanese culture has more or less made peace with the fact that the things we eat used to be alive. Part of the reason people in Japan say itadakimasu, literally “I will receive,” at the start of a meal is to verbalize their gratitude for receiving the life of the ingredients that make up the dishes. Sashimi that’s served still moving is considered a delicacy, because what’s fresher than seafood that’s arguable not even entirely dead?

Still, even Japan generally has limits of how much it wants to imagine the former life of the tasty morsels it’s dining on, which is why one startling fried chicken advertisement is drawing a mixture of gasps and chuckles.

The two things the citizens of Osaka are best known for are their passion for business and boisterous comedic sense. Both of those come together in this ad spotted in the city for Nambanaka Fried Chicken.

The photograph of two chicks staring at a piece of fried bird might seem like gallows humor enough, but the real gist of the joke is in their dialogue.

Chick 1: “Huh, is that you, Big Bro?”
Chick 2: “Yup, that’s totally him.”

Making things even more awkwardly morbid is the fact that the price quoted on the poster, 480 yen (US$3.80), is for three pieces, which seems to imply the two younger siblings are the prime candidates for the rest of the package.

On the other hand, the poster does confidently assure us that this fried chicken is “THE BEST,” so maybe it’s time to toss sympathy to the wind and chow down.

Nambanaka Fried Chicken – It’s family devourin’ good!

Source: Jin, Twitter/@BROSONI (edited by RocketNews24)