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While the Attack on Titan live-action movie may have failed to live up to some people’s expectations, we’re still holding out hope for something even greater on the horizon.

It looks like we won’t have to wait too long because come this winter, there’ll be a new game on the market—and it’s set to feature advancing giants, a showdown with the Colossal Titan himself, and gameplay that lets you fly through the air using Omnidirectional Mobility Gear.

Oh, and there’s a ton of blood.

Koei Tecmo, the company behind the awesome-looking game, have put their subsidiary, Omega Force, in charge of game development. While Omega Force is perhaps best-known for their work on the classic Dynasty Warriors series, they’ve made it clear that they’ll be creating a new world and using an entirely different combat style for Attack on Titan.

▼ One of the things we can’t wait to do is try out the omnidirectional mobility gear.


To see just how awesome the gameplay promises to be, check out the short trailer for the game below:

While the game is being developed specifically for PlayStation 4, it will be also be available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

▼ Whichever console you choose to use, the chance to interact with this guy will be an unforgettable experience.

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We wonder just how difficult it will be to take down the Colossal Titan. With Eren on the case, who knows what will happen? We can’t wait to find out!


Source: GameSpot, h/t Kotaku US
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