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Summer is over. For many that means back to school, back to nighttime coming more quickly, and back to bundling up from the cold instead of basking in the sunlight.

But if you want to hold on to that last little bit of summer, then check out the latest video put out by the famous Japanese cat duo Maru and his adopted little sister Hana. The two of them hang out on their new hammock, catch some rays, listen to cicadas… and end up using the hammock not quite how it was intended.

Here’s the first video of the two cats enjoying their hammock, though the ever-lovable Maru doesn’t quite get it right (highlights below).

▼ Oh hello Hana. Where is your brother Maru?

maru hammock 01

▼ Maru! That’s not how you use a hammock.

maru hammock 02

▼ Aaand he’s asleep. Classic Maru!

maru hammock 03

Here’s the second video of the two cats relaxing together. If you don’t let out an audible “d’aww!” then you might want to see you doctor (highlights below).

▼ What’s going on here? Let’s take a closer look.

maru hammock 04

▼ Oh… my… god.

maru hammock 05

▼ My cold, callous heart was in need of a little melting.

maru hammock 06

If you want to see more of the amazing Maru and Hana, then be sure to check out their YouTube page. Just try not to be too envious of their purr-fect life together.

Source/screenshots: YouTube (mugumogu) (1, 2)
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