Not another cat video! …said no one ever. We here at RocketNews24 know just as well as anyone that nothing does cuteness more purrfectly than cats do. We’ve found one kitten, though, that’s people in Japan mad, and absolutely killing us with its most adorable, squeaky meow.

Uploaded just a few weeks ago on September 6, this video of the poofiest, floofiest kitten ever has already been viewed over 500,000 times. When you watch it, we think you’ll understand why.

The little cotton ball’s name is Hime, meaning “princess” in Japanese. Not only is she exploding hearts, but she’s turning people into criminals and making men question their masculinity with with her mewing.

“and… Now I have ovaries… thanks…”

“LoooooooL … that makes two of us” (To the comment above)

“My heart just exploded.”

“Brb, gotta punch a wall.”

“holy crap!!!! my testosterone levels hahahaha”

“I wanna kidnap it so badly @.@”

The tiniest, yet most powerful of mews…

Keep an eye on Hime’s channel 姫にゃんこ (Hime-nyanko) in case there are more squee-worthy videos of Her Highness… We certainly don’t want to miss any!

Source/featured image: YouTube/姫にゃんこ
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