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Step into a convenience store in Japan, and you’ll find no shortage of tea drinks—and not just Japanese green tea either. You’ll have a wide variety to choose from, including oolong tea, barley tea, jasmine tea and English-style straight, lemon or milk tea. And one of the most well-known tea drinks in Japan has to be the Gogo no Kocha (Afternoon Tea) line of products from major beverage manufacturer Kirin.

Well, the folks at Kirin have apparently decided to make their popular “Gogo-tea” drinks, as they’re sometimes called in Japan, into something artistic and playful as well. It’s the “Disney Design Label” line of their Gogo no Kocha drinks, and with these, you’ll actually be able to mix, match and play with the bottles!

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There are several Gogo Tea Products available in the Disney Design Label series, with a total of 80 different labels each illustrated with not just Disney characters but a letter of the alphabet or a number. That’s a lot of combinations you can create with the bottles!

And not only can you mix the letters and numbers, you can even collect and line up the drinks to create a Disney  illustration with the labels on the back of the bottle.

▼ The orange-colored Straight Tea (non-flavored) line of Gogo no Kocha: collect the bottles in the right order and turn them around, and you get a beautiful picture like you see in the middle here.

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▼ The Milk Tea (left) and Lemon Tea (right) flavors of Gogo no Kocha also come in the Disney Design Labels.

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▼ Again, the label on the back of the bottles can be connected to create a fun illustration with many of our favorite characters:

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▼ There’s also the “Tasty Non-sweetened” tea (left) and the straight tea in a small size paper carton (right).

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▼ And yes, you can create delightful pictures with these too!

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All of the above drinks come in 16 variations each, except for the straight tea in the paper carton, of which there are 12.

▼ The four Gogo no Kocha drinks in straight, milk, lemon and non-sweetened flavors, also come in large size bottles also with Disney labels, but without the letter or number.

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So, with these Disney Design Label drinks, you can quench your thirst and also feel like you’re playing an art game at the same time. It should also be fun to look for bottles with certain letters and numbers to create a short message. However you decide to enjoy these bottles, you’re bound to have a refreshing experience with a Gogo no Kocha drink, but we think the illustrations just might brighten your day that much more, wouldn’t you agree?

Source and photos: Kirin Company website
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