Famous train station bento boxed lunches, but in a can? Taste-testing canned ekiben【Taste test】

There’s only one station in Japan where you can find these canned versions of famous boxed lunches.

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Cute ekiben station bento looks like it’s from Japan but it’s from a different place entirely

Similar in so many ways, except one which sets them apart.

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This ekiben train station bento is filled with surprises

Join us on the bullet train as we uncover hidden treasure from Niigata.

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The 5 best Japanese bento to buy at Kyoto Station

These ekiben are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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Japanese train becomes a restaurant at this sleepy countryside station

A very unique place to eat. 

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu bento sold for 10th anniversary tour

Waiter, there’s kawaii in my food.

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This sandwich bento with 120-year history from Kamakura is a masterful example of how less is more

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, because that’s what makes it shine!

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Shinjuku Bento surprises us with historic ingredient from the samurai era

Unusual ekiben takes us back in time with a hot ingredient. 

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Hungry and on the go? Top 10 ranking of ekiben at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station

A definitive ranking of the 10 best-selling bento boxes at one of Tokyo’s major travel hubs.

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Godzilla: King of the Bento, now with limited King of the Monsters packaging

Octopus, eel, vegetables, and rice all in the same bowl? Let them fight.

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This beautiful beefy bento is one of the best meals you can have on a train in Japan

Kobe beef’s fiercest rival is the star of this sukiyaki ekiben that not only tastes amazing, but sounds great too.

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Should strong-smelling foods be banned from bullet trains? Japanese citizens debate

A popular snack for the trip home from Kansai is an Osaka-specialty pork bun, but some commuters think they should be banned.

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The five best bento boxed lunches sold at train stations in east Japan

Short on time to pick which bento to buy before your train leaves? Let us help you choose.

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Japan’s top train station bento boxed lunches for 2016, as picked by travelers

If you’re riding the rails in Japan, here’s how you should be stuffing your face.

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The ultimate Shinkansen trip: Riding Japan’s bullet train network from one end to the other

Just how far can you go before you run out of Shinkansen?

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The Shinkansen now goes all the way to Hokkaido, and here’s its newest, northernmost station

Come for the bullet trains, stay for the delicious seafood and anime statue.

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The cutest, must-have bento lunchboxes you can buy and eat on the train

Japanese often say that a good view makes a meal taste better, so it goes without saying that a cute-looking lunchbox would also enhance the contents inside. From meals served in Shinkansen-shaped containers or rabbit-faced boxes that can be reused as coin banks, to lunch boxes that play music or have collector’s items hidden inside, Japan’s ekiben take Japanese food to a whole new level.

Today we’d like to tell you about “Ekiben”, a little book by Aki Tomura which introduces the best and most unique train station lunch boxes in Japan. We’ve chosen just a few to highlight from this gorgeously photographed, pocket-size book. The word Ekiben is a combination of two Japanese words: eki (station) and bento (lunchbox), so make your next train trip a gourmet ride with these bento available at various JR stations—just waiting for you to buy, smile, and devour.

Let the fun begin!

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Evangelion Shinkansen gets range of souvenirs, including its very own bullet train ekiben obento

A train journey in Japan is much more than a means to a destination; with spotless carriages and unique tie-in promotions, riding the Shink is an event in itself. And with the Evangelion Shinkansen bullet train scheduled to start running from November 3, things are set to get even more exciting as passengers can now ride the rails from Osaka to Fukuoka and back inside a train dressed up as a giant bio-machine.

To mark the special occasion, Japan Rail West is releasing a whole range of commemorative Eva bullet train goods for travellers in the country, including stationery, snacks, and an awesome ekiben bento that comes in a keepsake ceramic shinkansen-shaped container.

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Japanese boxed lunches pulling into France at authentic bento stand opening in Paris station

In just about every major train station in Japan, you’ll find a stand selling boxed lunches called ekiben. A combination of the words eki (“station”) and bento (“boxed lunch”), ekiben serve as a tasty, convenient meal for travelers to dine on as they watch the scenery slip by outside their window.

Given that trains are terrestrial transportation, and that Japan is an island nation, until now you’ve generally had to come to Japan in order to get your hands on authentic station bento. That’s changing soon, though, with the opening of an ekiben stand in a rail station in Paris.

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Faster than a speeding bullet! Ride the Tokyo to Kyoto “Nozomi” Shinkansen with us! 【Video】

Even if you’re not exactly a trainspotting otaku, chances are you still find the idea of riding a Japanese bullet train seriously appealing. After all, those things get up to some crazy speeds, and the whole process runs like smooth, scientifically adjusted clockwork. Even the cleaning crew get their job done, making the trains absolutely spotless, in seven minutes max!

But if you haven’t quite made it to Japan yet, then we invite you to take a Shinkansen ride with us and our Japan Wish competition winner Ashley. Strap yourself in and feel those G-forces!

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