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Nope, that’s not Princess Zelda.

Owner’s of Nintendo’s Wii U console have been enjoying Hyrule Warriors for a little over a year now. The title takes the heroes of the Legend of Zelda series and plops them down in a hack-and-slash action game with waves of enemies to cut through, similar to the Dynasty Warriors franchise that developer Omega Force made a name for itself with.

Nintendo is now getting set to release an updated version of the game, called Hyrule Warriors Legends in English-speaking territories, for the company’s 3DS handheld system. The switch to less powerful hardware means downgraded graphics, but Nintendo is making up for that with new extras such as an expanded roster of playable characters. Once Hyrule Warriors Legends is released, gamers will get to take control of Toon Link, Tetra, and the King of Hyrule from The Wind Waker installment of the Zelda saga, and also Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask.

But the new heroes aren’t all throwback to Nintendo 64 and GameCube classics. Hyrule Warriors Legends will also be players’ first chance to meet a brand new character, Linkle.

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▼ The wording of this tweet seems to imply that, should her debut go well, we might be seeing more of Linkle in future Zelda games.

“She looks quite familiar,” the video’s narrator comments, and we couldn’t agree more that Linkle bears a strong resemblance to series protagonist (and guy) Link. Described as a crossbow hunter from a small village, Linkle battles with a weapon in each hand like the star of a John Woo movie made in a parallel world where the director hails from Hyrule instead of Hong Kong.

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Of course, we’re not sure why Linkle bothers lugging a supply of crossbow bolts around when the video shows she can produce blazing arcs of fire from her feet in order to take down foes, but we guess we’ll get the answer to that when Hyrule Warriors Legends is released next spring.

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