You’ve probably heard of, or possibly engaged in, a little “wrestling in the bedroom”, but what happens when you bring the bedroom to the ring? If you imagined a wrestling match between Japanese professional wrestler Kota Ibushi and a sex doll, let us offer you this video as an award.

It’s an encounter every bit as epic as you can imagine, and if you don’t do anything else all day, we urge you to grab some popcorn and tune in for some rough-and-tumble, rib-busting action (and we apologize in advance if you were looking for some other kind of action, but ended up on RocketNews24 by mistake).

The Dramatic Dream Team, or DDT for short, is a Japanese organization that has been combining pro-wrestling sports and entertainment for almost two decades. Over the years the organization has developed a number of gag matches, which include pitting some of its top fighters like Kota Ibushi against fellow team member and soft-bodied love doll, Yoshihiko.

Likely inspired by a recent Yoshihiko rematch earlier this year, this first brawl, which took place in 2009, has recently been making its way across the web again.

Not only does Ibushi prove himself to be a skilled fighter, but any wrestling fan will admire how well he’s able to lay down a 30-minute smack down almost entirely on his own. Here are some highlights:

▼ Announcer: “Number one… But in what exactly?”
Well, considering the nature of the doll in question…


▼ Uhhh… This is a wrestling match, right??


▼ When she wants to cuddle after, but all you want to do is go to sleep or pile drive her.


▼ When she literally has you by the balls.


▼ Ibushi invited some friends over, but apparently he isn’t the sharing sort of guy.


Shockingly, despite the doll’s appearance, Yoshihiko may not actually be female. After three previous versions of the doll met KO blow-outs at the hands of Antonio Honda and Kenny Omega, the fourth appeared in the ring here with Ibushi, modeled after Hulk Hogan and his famous blonde locks. Other former versions of Yoshihiko include parodies of The Undertaker and Kenji Mutoh, or The Great Muta.

As for the climax? It wasn’t only mind-blowing- it was face-blowing!


Sadly we’re not sure what kind of model Yoshihiko is, but for those interested in re-creating the fight, we hear these love dolls are just as life-like.

Source, images: YouTube/Hachi Korobi Kyu To