Or should that be awesomely eerie?

Humidity in Japan reaches its peak in summer, then continues to drop as the temperature gets cooler. A late autumn Tokyo morning is usually crisp, cool, and clear, but things were very different this Friday in the capital.

The multi-day rainstorm that had been sitting over the city finally petered out on the night of November 26, but the low temperature meant a thick layer of fog was there to greet Tokyoites when they woke up. This neighborhood shrine, for instance, now looks like the gateway to another world.


We’re sure that had some locals rethinking taking a shortcut through the shrine grounds. Then again, even the regular roads were obscured by so much fog the scenery looked like an early PlayStation game.


▼ Or, in more extreme cases, a Sega Saturn one.

Tokyo’s status as one of the most densely developed places on the planet means that it’s a vertical city, but even some skyscrapers had their heads in the clouds.


▼ Part of the Shinjuku skyline peeks out from a wall of mist.

Things were similarly foggy in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo’s neighbor to the north, as shown in this shot with a camera angle as disorientating as the atmospheric conditions.

https://twitter.com/72_obol/status/669988460250333184 https://twitter.com/runaway_tormas/status/669998296824344576

Thankfully, there haven’t been any reports of injuries, ghostly abductions, or other problems stemming from the unusual weather. Still, when there’s this much visibility-impairing fog, it’s always a smart idea to be extra careful if you’re commuting by car, bicycle, or on foot.

▼ And if you take the train, bring something to read, because you sure aren’t getting much of a view when it’s like this outside.

Source: Jin