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The live action movies were a disaster, but the video game, with a newly announced Japanese release date of February 2016, looks like it might redeem them both!

Koei Tecmo Games’ Omega Force subsidiary has been hard at work on their Attack on Titan video game for the PlayStation platforms. Their newest trailer, which includes the official month of release, gives us a closer look at what we hope is in-game footage.

In this trailer, more time is given to showing how the players will be moving around with the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and plenty of new dialogue between the characters. There is also a sequence that shows Levi, whose presence has been noticeably lacking in previous trailers, in action. It’s good to know that he’s as “Levi” as ever and destroying the titans on sight.

titan 6

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Fans should also happy to see footage from a forest scene and Levi riding a horse outside the walls. These and so many more tidbits into the possibilities of the game make us wish we could be playing it right now.

titan 2

titan 3

The Attack on Titan video game has received a Japan release date of February 2016 but the Western release is still to be (hopefully) announced. Those who purchase this tactical hunting game on the day of release will also enjoy the bonus of downloadable content in the form of cleanup costumes and duster blades for Eren and Levi. We’re staying fairly optimistic about this, but we won’t know until next year whether it will be an epic success…or titanic failure.

Source: My Game News Flash
Screenshots: YouTube/KOEITECMOofficial