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If the thought of being able to have your way, in a manner of speaking, with Attack on Titan‘s Eren — albeit in titan form — is appealing to you, then this item may be for you! That’s right, folks, Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya is set to launch a figure of the series’ protagonist Eren Yeager in gruesome titan form, complete with changeable heads!

Join us after the jump for a closer look at this undeniably creepy, yet expertly crafted figure!

Due to be released next February by Kotobukiya, a company known for their figures and plastic models, Titan Eren has fully movable joints so you’ll be able to make the figure strike just about any pose you like.

▼See Eren the titan in all his glory, standing 16cm (approx. 6&1/3 in) tall. Okay, so maybe he isn’t exactly titan size …titan 3

▼… but he’s still recreated in magnificent detail, regardless of what angle you look at him from. The musculature is impressive to say the least.
titan 4

▼You can move his legs and arms to create your favorite pose with him. (Note that the stand shown below is sold separately.)titan 6

▼Here he looks ready to make some serious karate moves.
titan 7

▼Wow, look at him run!titan 8

▼See how flexible his joints are. He really can assume a wide range of positions.
titan 9

▼As already mentioned, the figure comes with two different heads. This is the head that we might call the “roaring” version, as opposed to the one with a more regular expression shown in the first few pictures above.
titan 10

▼Yes, you can almost hear him roar!titan 11

Well, we think the figure looks pretty cool, and we can easily imagine fans of the series seriously wanting one of these. They’re now taking pre-orders for the figure on the Kotobukiya Online Shop at a price of 4,968 yen (US$45.92) and the actual product will become available sometime in February next year. Unfortunately, Kotobukiya don’t ship overseas, so if you really must have a Titan Eren you’ll have to have someone in Japan order for you, or pester your favorite importer to get some in stock.

Source: Kotobukiya Online Shop via Niconico News (Japanese)
Photos: Kotobukiya Online Shop