One mother brought a smile to Japanese netizens’ faces after mixing up Dale from Chip n’ Dale with a famous Hollywood actor.

As Disney continues to add more and more characters to their list, it looks like some animation fans are having trouble keeping up. On a recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland, one mother decided to bring back a souvenir of her daughter’s favorite characters, Chip n’ Dale, but somewhere along the way she got confused, and presented her with the following instead:

▼ My mom brought me back some souvenirs from Disneyland.
Mom: “Here, it’s Chip n’ Depp, your favorite.”
>>>Chip n’ Depp<<<

You’ll be glad to know that according to this mom, apparently Dale grew up or was cursed during a never-before-seen episode of Rescue Rangers, and became the Hollywood heartthrob you see above. Sure it’s a theory that leaves more questions than it answers, but who knows, perhaps if she pitched the idea to Disney they could work it into the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Needless to say, Japanese netizens were amused and the post has since been retweeted over 36,000 times, with most commenters agreeing that Chip n’ Depp make an even better pair than the original.

On another note, it seems like quite a few Japanese have yet to figure out that Chip and Dale are in fact chipmunks, and not squirrels, but perhaps that’s another mystery for another day.

Source: Twitter/@0_tanaka0 via Hamusoku
Top image: Twitter/@0_tanaka0 (edited by RocketNews24)