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Move over, Roomba Shark Cat, and make way for Roomba Doge! In his own words: “So ride. Much excite.”

We’re now hitting the midway-point of the week. If you’re in need of a quick animal pick-me-up to help get you over that mid-week hurdle so that it’s smooth sailing until Friday, look no further than the following short clip posted by Japanese Twitter user @dobutu_doga.

▼ “This Shiba has been abducted by the Roomba!”


The charming clip has racked up an impressive number of retweets and likes over the past two weeks, with other net users commenting on the unusual sight of an adorable shiba going for a ride on a Roomba:

“The shiba’s confused ‘Um, what should I do?’ face is too cute.”

“‘Where is it taking me now??’–Shiba”

“I wonder if he hopped on it voluntarily or if his owner put him there. He’s so chill!”

We have to say, the last few seconds of the clip in particular are positively majestic, as if the Doge Overlord himself were riding into the sunset on his faithful steed. All hail the dignified canine!

Source, image: Twitter/@dobutu_doga