Classic and beloved Maybelline products with Pikachu package designs? Yes, please!

Makeup brands these days are all about collaborations. Who doesn’t want Peanuts makeup brushes, a One Piece makeup collection from Shu Uemura, or Shiseido makeup with Sailor Moon packaging? That’s why makeup fans are super excited to see Maybelline New York’s newest line: the Maybelline Pokémon Pikachu Collection!

Though the collection isn’t bringing out anything new in terms of Maybelline products, having favorites from the brand with special Pikachu packaging is more than enough to get fans of Pokémon and makeup excited. With these cool pop designs using neon Pikachu colors, you might be tempted to throw out your old stuff and replace them with the new!

A nice selection of Maybelline products is included in this new collection. Maybelline’s number one mascara, Lashionista (1,290 yen/US$10.92), comes in a hot pink bottle with a jumping Pikachu design on it. Plus, the package it comes in features a feisty-looking Pikachu in neon colors on a black background.

The Brow Ultra Fluffy Powder In brow pencil (1,090 yen each) comes in two colors, “Natural brown” and “Bright brown”, each with its own Pikachu design, as well as similar neon Pikachu packaging.

Pikachu designs also appear on Hyper Sharp Liners (1,290 yen each), which also come in two colors, “Jet black” and “Black-brown”. The Jet black variety comes in a pen that’s Pikachu’s signature electric yellow color, which is super eye-catching. Both pens have cool Pikachu designs, similar to the brow pencils, and, of course, the neon Pikachu packaging.

Four different Super Stay Matte Ink lip shades (1,590 yen) are also available, each with its own Pikachu design. The Pikachu parts of these bottles are a little more understated in keeping with their original design, but still look cool, with a silver Pikachu on the part of the bottle that reveals the color. These designs come in Mature Cherry Rose, Milky Brown, Mode Brown, and Vintage Terracotta, which are four of Maybelline’s most popular Super Stay Matte Ink colors in Japan.

Finally, there’s The City Mini Palette in the shade collection Rooftop Bronzes, an eyeshadow palette of nude colors that’s great for any occasion. The six colors in the palette look great, but the real appeal, for us at least, is the running Pikachu overlaid on the case’s window revealing the palette, which is made up of a simple neon yellow outline (plus red circles on its cheeks). With lightning bolts scattered around the front of the case, it’s a very stylish Pikachu design that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

These items will be gradually released beginning next week, starting with a special online presale event on March 25 through popular online retailers like Amazon and Rakuten. On March 26, you’ll be able to find them at PLAZA, MINiPLA, and LOFT variety shops in Japan, and finally, on April 9, they’ll gradually become available at stores that sell Maybelline around the country. They’ll be for sale only in Japan and will be sold in limited quantities, so if you want some, make sure you get to your favorite makeup shop fast!

Source, images: PR Times
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